ADVERT: Errol Stroebel got inked by show's sponsor, Tattoo Mania. CREDIT: Supplied

Errol Stroebel has literally put his body on the line to get sponsorship for his latest Diva’s One Night Only party.

He’s agreed to have the logo of the show’s sponsor tattooed on his chest  –  permanently.

It’s the sixth year of the variety show, organised by Errol, 40, and his wife Kat Gilardi, taking place at the Joseph Stone Auditorium on July 30.

Errol says: “I started looking for a sponsor in March already, then the owner of Magic Print in Claremont agreed to come on board.

“He is the same owner of a new tattoo parlour in Access Park, Tattoo Mania.”

To show his gratitude, and whip up support for the show, Errol decided to use his chest as an advertising space for the business.

“I did a rough sketch of the kind of tribal tattoo I wanted. And it took them two-and-a-half hours to do it,” says Errol.

He has no regrets about the permanent tattoo and it will be a life-long memory for Errol for Diva’s Unite 2016.

But that’s not all he did to get mense talking about the show.

He’s also done a nude photo shoot with the divas from 3D to boost ticket sales.

“I’m all about getting attention to promote the show. And if I just did an underwear photo shoot, it wouldn’t have gotten all the social media attention,” says Errol.

Now it’s just the rehearsals left before the curtain goes up on Saturday.

Tiara Skye, Manilla von Teez, Anastacia Khan, the CocoBoiz and many more will be on stage, and Nathan Kayser is the MC.

Tickets are R140, available at Computicket.