Good Hope FM DJ Ready D

Ready D says he’s honoured to get a top music festival award, but his work isn’t done yet.

The hip hop legend will be receiving the Oppikoppi Heavyweight Champion Tribute Award, following the footsteps of musical icons like Johnny Clegg, Hugh Masekela and David Kramer.

“I’m overwhelmed,” says Ready D. “A person’s mind is not really on awards when you still have a lot of things to do.”

The Good Hope FM DJ says he’s also happy that the award comes from a traditional rock festival. Oppikoppi is country’s longest running music festival.

“The mere fact that it comes from a festival like Oppikoppi that started out as an Afrikaans rock festival is great.”

The South African hip hop pioneer, who came on the scene in the 90s, was one of the first rappers to perform at Oppikoppi.

“With BBK coming on board in the mid-90s, it was part of the change of the festival,” he says.

“It’s known for high calibre bands and musicians and not conventional music festival sounds.”

While he has enjoyed watching the rap industry grow in leaps and bounds in SA, there’s still work to be done.

“Hip hop is a culture and it is not only about rap music,” he tells the Cape Argus.

“There is still a lot of that needs to be done, but I am really blown away by the fact that so many artists are taking steps. Seeing the diversity in terms of sound blows me away.”

Ready D is also a music producer and a prolific drifter, and is at the forefront of a road safety awareness project called SR4A (Safer Roads For All)

Looking to the future, there are other parts of the motor industry he wants to tackle, using his talents.

“I’d like to get into film and television and also provide more platforms for the stories from the Cape Flats, because there are lots of talented people out there,” he says.

OppiKoppi media manager Sharon Peche said the rapper is being acknowledged for his valuable contribution to the SA music landscape over the years.