Umlilo fans can enjoy hour-long show.
Tonight's entertainment is like a little tasting menu at a larney restaurant - ietsie van alles, and everything’s finger licking good!

Everything is also roundabout the same time, so you must be clever and choose wisely.

Here’s what you can expect:

Umlilo fans are in for a treat, an hour-long special recapping all the ins and outs of the previous three seasons, plus some lekker behind-the-scenes footage. Season 4 kicks off next Monday, June 27, so get it on at 9.30pm while it’s hot.

In Person Of Interest, SABC2 at 8pm, Reese and Finch go undercover at a larney hotel when The Machine prints out a very interesting number.

Devious Maids started last week, did you miss it?

Then don’t miss out this week, tonight at 8.30pm on What’s it about, you ask?

Well, a bunch of sexy and sassy ladies who work as maids for the rich and famous - and in the process get exposed to a hell of a lot of naughty and nasty things.

And then there were three - on Redemption Island. Check out Survivor: Blood vs Water, 8.30pm on SABC3.