Get your game & oefen on

Get your game & oefen on

MOVE IT: Virtual reality device

Icaros Full-Body Workout Machine | Gadget

If you’re a gym bunny and want to make your workout sessions more fun then take a look at Icaros Full-Body Workout Machine, the latest workout gadget on the market.

This machine merges the power of virtual reality gaming with a fitness tool.

This innovative device helps you train your muscles in a more enjoyable way.

The whole process is pretty easy and super fun. While you play your game on Icaros, you will be having an effective core workout for your body.

And you can control and determine your flight path based on your abilities.

This makes the whole system pretty unique and one of a kind.

You get to explore the infinite boundaries of virtual reality in a more pleasing way.

There is a controller on the handlebar measuring all your movements.

All in all, a mind blowing way to use the power of virtual reality for a healthier full-body workout routine.

Currently Icaros apps are released for Samsung Gear VR with S6, S7 and S8 smartphones.

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