Gay SA couple get engaged at Adele’s show

Gay SA couple get engaged at Adele’s show

HAPPY MOMENTS: Adele with newly engaged Ross and Nicholas.

Adele shares her stage with fans allowing for a very public marriage proposal.

This Cape Town gay couple said Hello to married life thanks to Adele.

Ross Levin and Nicholas Markovitz were in Barcelona last Tuesday to see the UK singer live in concert.

What Nicholas didn’t know was that Ross had been arranging the most romantic proposal ever and had Adele’s full support.

Videos of the proposal have gone viral, with Ross on bended knee as Adele sings Make You Feel My Love.

Ross posted a video on Instagram: “She said Hello and He said Yes!! We engaged @nicholasmarkovitz #adele #adelelive2016. “

Ross said it was a bit touch and go as he didn’t know if he’d be allowed on stage.

But Adele did notice the sign he had made and invited them on stage.

She even reminded them to take a selfie with her.

Hopefully this will inspire Adele to come to Cape Town and attend the starstruck couple’s wedding.

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