YUMMY MUMMY: Trevor Noah admitted to crushing on sexy mommas Charlize and Jennifer.
Trevor Noah apparently has a thing for famous cougars.

The 32-year-old comedian, who hosts the popular Daily Show in the USA, indicated he wouldn’t mind having a fling with Charlize Theron, 40 or Jennifer Lopez, 46.

Though he is currently in a relationship with model Jordyn Taylor, Noah told Playboy magazine that fellow South African Charlize and J.Lo laat sy hart vinniger klop.

“Charlize Theron. Not just because she’s South African. I think she is ageing majestically. She’s so beautiful. Jennifer Lopez as well. Does she even have an age?” explains Trevor.

Meanwhile, Trevor said his great American dream of super-stardom is being slowly killed by racism.

The comedian says being famous is no protection against racial discrimination in Hollywood.

“It’s often very small things, but they pile up,” he told Playboy.

“Cab drivers don’t pick you up. It happens to me. Or you go into a corner store and get followed, or people say things about you. It’s often not blatant, but it’s entrenched in the system.”

And he says having a black president in the form of Barack Obama didn’t change racist attitudes in “the land of the free”.

“This is hard to explain to white people, but the thing about race is that you can’t turn it off. If you’re black, you are constantly black and that blackness is always affecting you in some way or another. That’s a tough conversation to have.”

But no, despite all this, he’s not planning on returning home soon.