Flats actress tells a tale of Good Hope

Flats actress tells a tale of Good Hope

Kim Cloete premieres her play, Ausi-ama, which focuses on the origins and history of the Castle of Good Hope.

Kim Cloete stars in a local production that focuses on the Castle of Good Hope, its origins and what it means to Capetonians.

Kim Cloete has dug deep into the history of the Castle of Good Hope and is ready to showcase it.

The 37-year-old actress and playwright spent months researching the Castle, it’s origins and history and has written a play called ǂAusi-ama.

The production will be staged at the Castle on Saturday May 21,  with an emphasis on the multicultural aspects of the building and the role it’s played in the lives of Capetonians since it was built in the 17th century.

There are 11 people in the cast, including an actor who speaks Khoi and another actor who speaks Dutch.

Kim is excited for mense to see the production: “It’s a factual production, in fact there are facts in there I don’t think people even knew about the Castle.”

“There is some songs, but it’s not a musical…it’s a theatre production,” she says.

The production is a once off, but everyone is hoping that the festival directors and theatre managers who see the play will be so inspired they will commission it to run again.

The play stars Carlo Daniels, Bradley Sitters, Bianca Flanders amongst others and Kim says: “This is really the biggest thing I’ve done…I’m very proud.”

Castle 350 Project Manager, Moeshfieka Botha says: It’s the type of play we’re hoping to really be able to get out there.”

She says the Castle has meant different things to Capetonians over the years and this play is important to continue the debate.

“We are working hard to change the narrative of the space and wholly committed to unearth the untold stories which are hidden in the thick walls and dark spaces of the Castle,” she adds.

Botha says: “As uncomfortable as these stories may be it needs to be told.”

No one is more excited than Kim, who posted on Facebook: “Just when you thought it was over…My new written work which I can’t wait to share with you!! This is that time when your home becomes your Castle…one of Good Hope!”

In response to Kim’s post she got lots of well wishes including from her tweede ma en 7de Laan actress Vinette Ebrahim who writes: “Congratulations sweetheart! It looks positively amazing!”

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