DJ sings into the mic [WATCH]

DJ sings into the mic [WATCH]

RADIO HIT: Tapfuma and Jo-Dee Butler

Heart host stars in a music video.

Tapfuma Makina doesn’t just have a face for radio — he also has the voice.

The Heart FM presenter shocked listeners when he released his very first single, Ougat met Jou.

The song is an Afrikaans version of Silk’s hit Freak Me, released in 1993, and it’s all about him smaaking a goose called Maryna.

And it’s so kwaai that it’s been trending on Twitter, and has been viewed nearly 112 000 times on Facebook.

The lyrics include: “Ek is mos baie stout, ek droom al van jou binneboud, Maryna ek sal jou laat sing, soos die donkie is ek ’n wonderlike ding.”

The song was all part of the Zimbabwean-born DJ’s quest to master Afrikaans.

Tapfuma says he was inspired to write after watching Afrikaans popstar Kurt Darren do his thing.

He wrote the song in just one week, only asking Aden Thomas or Julian Naidoo’s help when he needed help translating.

Last Monday he took radio personality Jo-Dee Butler, aka Maryna, to Wonderland at N1 City to shoot the clip.

He says he doesn’t have a goose or know a Maryna, and chose the name because it was “typical Afrikaans”.

He also explains how he hit those high notes: “I have no formal singing training except for the choir I was forced to join by the headmaster at school. It was not cool for boys to be part of the choir.”

Tapfuma is now considering making another song.

“People are loving it and are already insisting I do a Christmas song. Maybe if I get some great ideas, we can do it. Maryna was supposed to be my one-hit wonder,” he laughs.

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