SEES RED: Dintle on a mission in 'Scandal!' tonight.

Some woman will stop at nothing to get what they want, and our girl Dintle wants a life of luxury, diamonds and fancy dinge.

So the fact that she’s forced into being tjommies with Stokkies, Anzani and Lerumo has really got this chick seeing red.

Today her hubby Mangi also moves in with them, and it dawns on Dintle that this was not her ticket to a rich life.

Now the gold digger is on the hunt for something bigger and better, watch Scandal! at 7.30pm on, to see what she gets up to.

Staying on we left Season Three of Umililo, at 9.30pm, with Welcome crashing Mnqobi’s engagement jol - with a gun!

In the new season Mnqobi and Palesa are happily married, all lovey dovey and what not, but watch out newlyweds, Welcome is still looking for blood.

Speaking of blood, it’s the final of Survivor: Blood vs Water.

Now some mense still smaak all the fake adventures and setups that pass for “reality” TV these days, so give them a break.

This is the end of Season 27 and overseas trek hulle al by Season 32! Yoh! Tonight it’s final tribal council, full of desperate mense trying to win the million - SABC3 at 8.30pm and then again at 10pm.