Queens reign at the Galaxy



August 22, 2016
Queens reign at the Galaxy

TOPS: Second Princess Soraya Samodien, Queen Yumna Kamalie with reigning Spring Queen Zubeida Beyers and First Princess Chevonne Slavers at Kazaks finals at Club Galaxy. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Kazak chooses their pageant finalist.

These factory ladies hit the dance floor on Friday night after they chose their finalist for the 2016 SACTWU Spring Queen pageant.

Staff from Kazak Designs in Observatory along with their friends and family made the jol vol at Club Galaxy in Rylands.

Jade Hook from Lotus River and her buddies were there early because they didn’t want to miss a moment of the action.

She says: “I’m here to support my mom because she works for Kazak and they are doing fundraising for Spring Queen.”

There was no shortage of entertainment because there was also a Glamourous Granny pageant, the Kazak Spring Queen and drag diva Gita McGregor who had the crowd cheering.

Gita performed in between the modelling and had the mense singing along and when she finished her last number, End Of The Road, the drag artist dramatically collapsed on the dance floor.

But there was no drama with the pageant and even the current Spring Queen Zubeida Beyers from Top Stitch was there.

The winner and the girl who will represent Kazak later this year was crowd favourite, Yumna Kamalie.

Megan Daniels from Lavender Hill was there to support another contestant Candice Caswell but says: “All the meisies are really beautiful.”

Now the Kazak team says all roads lead to the SACTWU Spring Queen finals in November where they hope their girl Yumna will take the crown.

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