Movers and shakers



June 27, 2016
Movers and shakers

HANG TIME: Conway October vannie Bontas. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

B-boys get groove on at workshop.

There was a lot of popping and locking at Cape Town Stadium, but everyone learnt a new dance move.

The BC One Workshop was hosted by Red Bull last week and it ended on Saturday with a free workshop for anyone who wanted to learn the latest dance moves.

DJ Ready D and the Good Hope FM crew were there and watched on as the group learnt new B-Boy styles.

Shameelah “Shami Shamrock” Kinnear, 27, from Northpine attended the week-long workshop and says she doesn’t regret it.

“It was about time that something like this has taken place and luckily it was right here in Cape Town,” she says.

Lee Piedt, 32 from Lansdowne also got her groove on and she says it was great.

“I have so much respect for dance as an art form and this week it really made sense to me, because you can walk into a dance studio anywhere in the world and it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak that language, you’ll be able to dance because it’s a language,” Lee says.

DJ Renegade led the group and took them through a few kwaai choreographed moves.

Dad Devon Windvogel from Blue Downs says his competitive dance days might be over but he wants his kids to learn the right beats.

His two sons Cole, 2 and Dale, 5, were both watching the dancers from a distance and then copying their moves.

Devon says: “I just want them (the children) to see what it’s all about and hopefully pick it up one day.”

BC One is one of the most popular B-Boy competitions in the world and their dance-offs are legendary.

The Dance Finals will be held in Japan on December 3.

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