Buskers busk a move!

Buskers busk a move!

STYLE: Morné Holland and Elton November at Ocean View High School gig at weekend. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Duo rocks Ocean View.

The Ocean View Buskers, Morné Holland and Elton November, have started the next stage of their musical journey.

The duo were on stage at Ocean View Senior Secondary and the excited crowd laughed, danced and sang along.

The show started with the two re-enacting how they used to travel on the train and busk to try and earn a living.

Morné also touched on their short but very public break-up and told the crowd: “You know what I like? The fact that we can be on stage tonight, especially me and Elton.”

And they jammed together like they’ve never been apart, performing hits like I’d Give Anything (to fall in love), Lay Me Down and Baby Tjoklits.

Jolynn McKeith, 19, from Ocean View says she’s been a fan of the buskers since day one.

“Yes, I love them. And I shared that video of them when I saw it on Facebook,” says Jolynn.

When the second half started the duo were even more energetic and Morné came out looking very stylish.

“This is a Fabiani suit,” he told the cheering crowd before getting back to the music.

And the buskers showed their spiritual side by performing some gospel music as well.

But it was the big ballads and high notes that got Morné the loudest applause and of course his now famous version of the John Legend hit song, All Of Me.

Lee-Ann Solomons from Retreat enjoyed the show with her hubby Bradley and shared a little secret about Morné’s kwaai new, and very styl, hare.

“I do Morné’s hair,” she giggled.

The two talented musicians hope their show will go onto bigger stages innie Kaap very soon.

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