HAPPY: Lexi and Mandla star in their own show.

Sexy Lexi is back with a bang and says she’s not the b!tch people think she is.

Lexi van Niekerk, 28, from Ottery, is a former Big Brother Mzansi housemate and is still dating the Big Brother winner Mandla Hlatshwayo.

Last year they launched their own reality show, Mandla and Lexi, inviting fans into their home and their work in the entertainment industry.

Season two of their show kicks off tomorrow.

Loud-mouthed Lexi was a controversial figure on Big Brother, gaining notoriety for infamous shower sex scene with Mandla, but she says she has left that all behind.

Lexi says: “I’ve changed a lot and I think I’ve left that Big Brother person behind me, it was a great platform, but I’ve changed.”

The interracial couple have had their ups and downs and in season one, Lexi was introduced to Mandla’s family.

“Me and his mom have a great relationship,” Lexi giggles.

“We won’t see much of her this season, but it’s balanced this time round so you’ll see some of my friends as well.”

She adds: “I’m in an interracial relationship and when Mandla and I are alone just chilling at home, it’s like normal, but when we’re out then it’s a thing for people.”

Lexi hopes all her dreams are going to be realised in the City of Gold.

“I’ve still got an acting coach and have been going for some big auditions, so hopefully I’ll hear back from that soon,” she says.

She says season two of their show will be full of fun and surprises.

“Oh my word! People will see I have my (driver’s) licence now and my own car,” exclaims Lexi.

And rumours of Mandla being broke after recklessly spending his million bucks prize money are not true.

“People are always talking. Even when we do interviews, journalists just write what they want to,” she adds.

Mandla and Lexi S2 starts tomorrow at 8pm on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).