The Irish rocker says he’s got no beef with Donald Trump supporters, but the prez himself moet maar wegbly.

“People who voted for Trump are welcome here, but he’s not,” Bono told the Irish Mirror.

In case Trump didn’t get the message, Bono told the Irish Independent: “Trump’s supporters – the people who voted for Trump – are welcome at U2 gigs in America, but Donald Trump himself is not welcome at U2 gigs in America. I welcome his supporters. But him? I don’t want him here. A person like that.”

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The New Zealand Herald reports that Bono – a celebrated humanitarian – won’t have the 70-year-old Republican step anywhere near them, especially after he cut funding to combat HIV.

U2 are currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of their seminal album The Joshua Tree with a tour, and after so many years on the road Bono says he’s now more of a huismens.

The Beautiful Day hitmaker, who lives with his wife Alison and the younger of their four kids, said: “We have become somewhat domesticated animals. I don’t think that was natural for me, I was a person who slept on Gavin Friday’s couch, I’ve been moving since I was in my teens.

“For me, a band was a replacement for the family I didn’t feel I had, and then the wanderlust came with it. Wherever we go, wherever we are that’s where it is. Only recently I realised I had a home and it was Dublin.”