VIER: Boeberaand on the fast's halfway mark

Now that we've braved the storm — and are apparently in for another — I think the mense in Kaapstad deserve a lekker warme koppie boeber?

For me, there is nothing more delicious than the thick, creamy and richly spiced boeber cooked on a hot stove by Auntie Byra.

 TRADITION: Shanaaz Mohamed, 45, won the Daily Voice boeber competition in 2014

With the 15th day of Ramadaan on Friday, it’s also Boeber-aand, celebrated on the halfway mark of the fast.

If your family is anything like mine, that sago will be lying in water for two days to soak.

On Friday morning, it will be added to the milk, slowly cooking in vermicelli gesmoor in butter, with heaps of cardamom and cinnamon, yum.

Is julle al lus?

Some people add their own variations, ranging from condensed milk to coconut, almond slivers and rosewater.

I’m giving you two recipes for lekker boeber and you can decide for yourselves which you like more.

One of them is from the Daily Voice’s very own Boeber Queen, Shanaaz Mohamed, 45, from Mitchells Plain, who won our boeber competition in 2014.

For the most part, boeka-time in the Muslim home is a time for family.

Ramadaan is a blessed time of year, one that some families sometimes miss out on.

I can count on two fingers how many times I have actually made it home in time for Maghrib, the time of breaking the fast, due to work, traffic and also the sun setting earlier in winter.

The fast is a time of reflection and prayer, sacrifice and charity, and to show appreciation for your own good fortune.

I like to try new recipes during the pwasa.

We eat waffles, muffins, fritters and samoosas, sausage rolls and cheese puffs.

We try to stay away from heavy meals, instead lining the tummy with soups, dates and water, before indulging in our beloved pastries.

Dis koud, man, we’ll leave the salads for summer time!