Boeber festival innie Kaapstad

Boeber festival innie Kaapstad

RUN FOR ALMAL: The manne at the start of the Boeber Run

Warme kos, klere donated to homeless.

Hundreds of homeless people gathered at the Grand Parade over the weekend to get their koppie boeber, a sandwich, a piece of fruit and some clothing.

The Boeber Run is a monthly event where runners complete a 5km trek and then end off with the distribution of warme boeber and other food and clothing items to the poor and needy.

One of the organisers of the Boeber Run, Zaahid Appoles, says there was more than enough boeber for the nearly 400 people.

Boeber is a Cape Malay delicacy typically made with milk, vermicelli, cardamom, kaneel and sago.

“We had so much to give that we had to give out again [yesterday],” he says proudly.

“We first distributed on the Parade and then in Bo-Kaap.”

This Boeber Run was the last event for the group before the Islamic holy month of Ramadaan starts this Saturday.

Mense showed their support and donated food, clothing and toiletries to the less fortunate. The Cape Spy joined the Boeber Run and got a taste of the lekker drink.

Large pots of Boeber arrived one after the other as mense filled their tummies with the sweet, warm delight.

The Boeber Run kicked off at 8pm on Saturday with a walk from Rondebosch to Woodstock where mense jumped into a car or on the back of any available bakkie before heading to the Grand Parade innie Kaap.

After handing out the goodies at the parade the group of 70 members went to Bo- Kaap to spread some more boeber cheer.

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