TELL-ALL BOOK: Bobby Brown.
Bobby Brown accidentally made “cocaine fried chicken” when he was just 10 years old.

The singer says he had no idea his mother sold the drug to support the family.

One day when his parents were out, he decided to surprise them with supper.

However, Bobby, 47, mistook a bag of cocaine he found in the freezer for flour, which he was going to cover the chicken with.

In his new book, Every Little Step: My Story, he writes: “I was 10. So I didn’t realise the strangely pungent smell emanating from the pan. When the chicken pieces were nice and brown, I figured I was done.”

Bobby, who was married to Whitney Houston, says he felt “weird” as he chowed the chicken, and that his mom was horrified to learn what he had done.

“I fried chicken in her cocaine - a radical new addition to the family’s culinary offerings.”