DJ sensation Black Coffee

Black Coffee is moeg and he misses home.

He might be a jetsetter who is in demand around the world but all the stamps in his passport aren’t really worth it, the dj said in a very candid Instagram post.

Black Coffee writes: “I miss home. Travelling the world on tour looks like the most coolest job ever...the job itself is such a blessing, doing what I love with all my soul for a living... but the travelling hours,the fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of good diet and exhaustion got the best of me this week.”

It’s not been easy for him at times both physically and mentally: “I felt emotionally and physically drained....enslaved by my own dreams at my own will... I didn’t know where exactly I was and what time it was due to lack of sleep... I literally shut down... and had to sit and do nothing for a while to get it all together.”