Actress/Singer: Janelle Monáe

The 31-year-old singer and actress has claimed she developed a "superpower" when she was younger and didn't have much money, which enabled her to be more innovative with her wardrobe choices.According to Marie Claire magazine the Kansas-born star said: "Being poor helped me be more creative. It was my superpower." 

 The Hidden Figures star had to force herself to feel "comfortable" in her own skin because she has hinted she admired people who had an air of self-assurance when they entered a room.

Janelle explained: "I had to get comfortable in my own skin you know when somebody walks in a room and they have such a confidence that they dare you to say something about them."

The 'Tightrope' hitmaker believes need to "redefine what sexy is" and to change style and conformity to encourage people to feel unique and to embrace their own.