SELFIE: Usain Bolt and student Jady Duarte, 20

Just yesterday we proudly unveiled Usain Bolt’s hot girlfriend, and today we can reveal his alleged jolmeit.

The world’s fastest man has been exposed on social media by a 20-year-old stukkie, who posted pictures of them together in bed.

Jady Duarte, a student from Rio, shared WhatsApp pictures that show her wearing a white top while embracing a nearly naked Bolt.

The intimate photos, which first appeared on several Brazilian websites after Duarte shared them with friends, show the sprinter curled up in bed with the student at 7am local time on Sunday.

Bolt had won the men’s relay the night to before to bag a record triple-triple gold in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay.

The Jamaican star had a real Brazilian blowout at the weekend, celebrating his 30th birthday.

He was pictured partying until the early hours of Sunday morning at a club in Rio, twerking up a storm with another local lady.

Speaking to local newspaper Extra, Duarte said that Bolt sent security over to get her attention in the club.

She claims she hadn’t realised who he was, and described their nocturnal encounter as “normal” and “not a big deal”.

COUPLE: Bolt and his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, 26

Meanwhile, Bolt’s 
sister had just revealed that he has a long-term girlfriend  Kasi Bennett, 26.

The pair are dating for more than two years and were likely to get engaged soon, according to Christine Bolt-Hylton.

Bolt made an early exit from Rio Sunday night, departing a day earlier than planned and missing the Closing Ceremony.