Local singer AKA

AKA says he is honoured Julius Malema is thinking of him.

This after the EFF leader made remarks about the ANC using celebs “who suffer from the abuse of drugs” for its election campaign.

Speaking at an EFF press conference in Alexandra on Wednesday, Julius said: “They brought here, the druggies, artists  some of them who suffer from abuse of drugs  and made them faces of campaign[s].”

Juju didn’t mention any names but people took him to mean AKA, who’s been very vocal about his support for the ANC.

@Iam_Don_Juvie tweeted: ‘Lmao @Julius_S_Malema throwing shade on AkA’

But an unfazed AKA said he is “honoured’’ if Juju was referring to him, boasting that “Supa Mega is an institution” and a “national key point.”

@akaworldwide said: “If Julius is indeed referring to me, man what a day!! With everything on his plate, and he still has time to think of me?! I’m honored.”