AKA is proudly ANC, so much so that when rape protesters rained on President Jacob Zuma’s parade at the IEC centre in Pretoria on Saturday, the rapper felt he needed to defend Number One.

Four women dressed in black silently protested by holding up sheets of paper saying “10 years on”‚ “Khanga”‚ and “Remember Khwezi”.

In 2006, the court dismissed rape charges against Zuma‚ finding that when he had unprotected sex with a friend’s daughter he knew to be HIV positive‚ it was consensual.

AKA responded to the protest by tweeting‚ “Are you so blind you are going to ignore that that protest had a political motive as well? Or are we going to ignore that part?”

But fans were not impressed, and soon #AKAIsOverParty started trending.

@TWNTYTU said: “There’s playing devil’s advocate and there’s plain stupid,vile... #AkaIsOverParty”

While @titanbaddie tweeted: “I’ve said this before... AKA has a Kanye ego on a Mshoza budget. #BonangPleaseLeaveAKA #AKAisOverParty”