CALLING IT QUITS: Melanie du Bois

If things carry on like this, the only ones left of the “old guard” on 7de Laan will be Charmaine and Vanessa.

The Afrikaans soapie announced that four more actors will be leaving soon, including Melanie du Bois, who plays Felicity.

Joining her are Masego Sehoole (Pulane), Corné Crous (Kim) and Anelisa Phewa (Sifiso).

It’s believed Melanie, who played fashion designer Felicity Daniels Croucamp for the past 15 years, was let go after her contract was not renewed. She will exit the show in October.

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Anelisa Phewa, who plays Sifiso, decided to quit to take on work as a lecturer at AFDA, a film and drama school in Joburg.

It’s been a pretty rough time for Melanie, who is also in the middle of divorcing her husband of 14 years Reginald Botha, and who lost both her sister and nephew to suicide a few years ago.

But publicity manager at 7de Laan Rosa-Mari Erasmus says fans shouldn’t be too sad.

“No one’s character is being killed off, they are all much loved 7de Laan personalities and their storylines are left open for them to possibly return one day,” she says.

The same thing was said when Christo Davids (Errol), Jo da Silva (Gita) and Diaan Lawrenson (Paula) announced their leaving the soapie earlier this year.

Last month the soapie introduced a brand-new family, the Welmans, to Hillside and bosses have also done two talent searches so far this year.

In January and June, 7de Laan held open auditions in search of fresh faces to join the cast of the popular SABC2 show.