BLAST FROM THE PAST: 'Coca-Cola Popstars' 101 burst onto the music scene 14 years ago

This could be the biggest throwback on the local music scene in a long time — the Coca-Cola Popstars 101 might be reuniting.

Fourteen yeas ago, in August 2002, Kurt Herman, Pam Andrews, Erin Samson, Preston Sihlangu and Ntumiseng Mokhasipe gained instant fame when they won the talent show and formed pop group 101.

Many may not know this, but they came up with the name by combining their ages. Luckily it added up to a cool 101, and not a random 107.

Anyway, the group walked away with a R1 million recording deal, and each of them got a kwaai sports car, a video camera, clothing, a cellphone and hair products.

This weekend, Kurt responded to an article posted on Facebook, giving an update on the lives of the 101 singers, saying a reunion is in the pipeline.

These days Kurt himself is a back-up singer for Idols SA, and runs his own music studio; Pam went into acting and soapies and is now living in Europe; Erin moved to Israel with her hubby and is still singing; while Preston is now a music producer and has worked with top acts like DJ Black Coffee.

Ntumiseng is the only band member who is not in the music industry anymore.

Kurt says he’s already spoken to the other members and everyone seems keen.

But while a new album is not on the cards, there is “the possibility of doing a once-off TV show because I have been approached”.

He didn’t want to divulge too much about the offer from a well-known producer.

“I speak to Pam and Erin often and I bumped into Preston a while ago. He’s based in Bloemfontein now,” the singer tells Daily Voice.

He believes there are still 101 fans out there, waiting for a reunion.

“Back then when we all went solo, it wasn’t because we didn’t get along, it was because we didn’t have a record label and we were forced to do everything on our own. It was tough,” says Kurt.

“I think it does all feel a bit incomplete. Remember 14 years ago there was no social media so it did feel like we just ended in the middle of nowhere. I think there are still 101 fans out there,” he adds.