Life or death wait



November 14, 2016
Life or death wait

GONE: Justin Abrahams of Hanover Park

EMS denies claims over stabbed teen.

Emergency Medical Services in the Western Cape has rejected the claims of a Cape Flats mother that her son died because paramedics were too scared to come into Hanover Park.

Last week, the family of Justin Abrahams told the Daily Voice he had to wait for more than four hours for an ambulance to arrive at the Hanover Park Day hospital.

The family was allegedly told that paramedics were waiting for a police escort.

However, EMS spokesman Robert Daniels says this was not true.

He says the ambulance arrived on time but paramedics were unable to transport the 15-year-old because he was “unstable and weak”.

On Tuesday, Justin was attacked outside Mountview High School by teen gangsters who beat him up with a plank and stabbed in the neck.

Police arrested a 15-year-old boy and 19-year old man, who appeared in the Athlone Magistrates’ Court last week on a charge of murder.

Justin’s mother Corrinne, 53, says her child was being targeted by two gangs, the Naughty Boys and KSB (Kak Stoute Bastards) to join them but he had refused.

Following a spate of attacks on paramedics this year, Emergency Medical Services stated their staff would not be going into Hanover Park and other dangerous areas without a police escort.

Daniels says claims that they arrived too late to save Justin are untrue.

“This was an inter facility transfer, the call out was received at 2.07pm. The team arrived there at 2.55pm,” he explains.

“The patient could not be transported because he was unstable, his blood pressure was too low.

“It is untrue that we arrived late because of a police escort.”

Daniels adds that “red zones” could change on a daily basis depending on information provided by police.

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