Let’s talk about sex



November 14, 2016
Let’s talk about sex

CLAIM: Louisa Wynand 'put legs on' Donovan Cloete

ANC member says Wynand should be charged for sexual harassment

One of the men who travelled with suspended ANC boss Marius Fransman on a trip where he was accused of sexual harassment wants to know why he wasn’t asked to testify.

In a letter penned to the ANC’s National Disciplinary Committee, party member Donovan Cloete claims Louisa Wynand wanted to try her luck with him.

He describes how she allegedly couldn’t keep her “hands and legs” off him, and that the two of them fondled each other in the back of the car.

“If anyone should be accused of sexual harassment, it is that liegbek Wynand,” he says in the letter, written in Afrikaans.

“Sy is stokspils en kon haar hande en bene nie van my af hou nie.”

Cloete is from Springbok, and is the secretary of the ANC’s Bergsig branch in the Namakwaland region in the Northern Cape.

He and businessman Moegamat Majied were among several people who travelled with Fransman and Wynand to Rustenberg in January for the ruling party’s 104th birthday celebrations in January this year.

Majied, a senior ANC leader in the Western Cape, said he wants his name cleared.

“There is something really sinister; the disciplinary committee did not call me or ask me for my view of what happened,” he told Weekend Argus.

Wynand, 21, claims while at a hotel in Kimberley, she was forced to share a bed with Fransman who wrapped his arms around her body and touched her breasts.

Last week the ANC slapped Fransman with a five-year suspension after the NDC found him guilty on two counts of misconduct – one for abusing his office when he sought sexual favours from Wynand, and the other for bringing the party into disrepute in public statements.

The committee said Fransman showed “no remorse” by refusing to attend the proceedings and also called him a liar for saying he was not provided with the necessary documents to prepare for the hearing.

Cloete says he was shocked when he, one of the “key witnesses”, was called and told his testimony was no longer needed.

He now wants the ANC NDC to reconsider their findings, taking into account his testimony.

“Let (Wynand) tell the world how she told me to pick her up in the road in Pniel like a prostitute,” he writes.

“Let she say how on the way to Kimberly, she put her legs over me, and how the two of us fondled each other.”

Speaking to the Daily Voice yesterday, Cloete said Wynand was “very relaxed and chatty” throughout the trip.

“We sat at the back of the car from Cape Town to Beaufort West and we flirted,” he adds.

Neither Wynand nor her representative responded to Daily Voice queries yesterday.

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