Let us spray



November 23, 2016
Let us spray

HAIRSPRAY: Comic Marc Lottering

Doom pastor memes a hit on internet.

The Limpopo “Prophet of Doom”, who sprays his congregation with insect killer, has become a “Target” of jokers on social media.

Lethebo Rabalago from the Mount Zion General Assembly hit headlines at the weekend after pictures of him spraying his flock with Doom pesticide to “heal” them of illnesses and exorcise bad spirits went viral.

The holy man claims the Doom becomes “an instrument of God” in his hands.

But not everyone is convinced about Doom’s healing powers, and #DoomPastor memes abounded on social media yesterday, as mense invented even more uses for the green blikkie insecticide.

Funny man Marc Lottering posted a pic of himself spraying doom on his afro, saying: “My Hair’s not doing too great today… but wait.”

And doctor / comic Riaad Moosa gave had this prognosis: “Curing cancer and Aids while simultaneously dealing with your cockroach infestation! How convenient is that? All this time scientists wasting time with chemotherapy and antiretroviral trials where the solution existed in this easy to use multi-purpose aerosol can.”

He adds: “Also what happens to roaches with cancer? If he did that to me I’ll swat him with a fly swatter. Saw this in the feed below… someone said leave him alone… let Baygons be Baygons.”

Someone even suggested Doom could be the ultimate make-over tool, posting a before and after picture of Idols judge Unathi Msengana.

Meanwhile, the makers of Doom, Tiger Brands, has warned mense that spraying insecticide in your face or on your body is dangerous.

Spokesperson Nevashnee Naicker says: “We find this practice alarming and extremely concerning, and want to make very clear that it is unsafe to spray any Doom or any aerosol onto people’s faces.

“Doom has been formulated to kill specific insects which are detailed on the cans, and the packaging has very clear instruction and health warnings.”

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