Lekker homemade fish and chips tips

Lekker homemade fish and chips tips

FAVOURITE: Fish and chips with salt and vinegar

The secret is in the freshness of the vis.

In light of the fishy news that dominated headlines last week, it’s only fitting that we feature the Friday night meal of choice today.

Whether it’s fake or the original hake, everybody likes ’n lekker parcel vis en tjips.

Growing up I remember going to the local fisheries on a Friday night for a parcel hake and chips with the all-important salt and vinegar.

The winkeltjie would be packed with people, mostly mothers going there straight from work before going home to their hungry families.

Every second person walking in would order the same thing — a hake and chips parcel, kanallah.

Once your order is placed, the usually tired-looking cashier would hand you a till slip with your order number, then turn towards the kitchen and shout “hake en tjips!”

Several minutes later the same aunty would ferociously throw on the salt and vinegar then wrap the parcel, shout for “number 46!” en weg is jy.

There’s something about unwrapping a hot fish and chips parcel with the aroma of vinegar seeping through the paper and seeing chips fall on the side, that’s just mouth-watering.

The first recorded combined fish and chips shop was opened in England by a Jewish immigrant, Joseph Malin in 1860.

More than 150 years later, battered fish and potatoes strips is still a firm favourite.

No one knows this better than the owner of Texies Fisheries.

Goretti Teixeira and her late husband started Texies in Wynberg in 1972.

“At one stage we had four shops in Wynberg after we opened,” she reminisces.

Today, there are six Texies on the Cape Flats.

“The secret of our success is in the freshness of our fish,” Goretti reckons.

“Our recipe is very simple and we’ve used the same recipe since we started.

“Our biggest seller is our fish and chips, chip roll and hake and chip rolls.”

And unlike that other seafood place that was recently exposed for selling fake hake, Goretti insists all their products are for real.

“All our fish is fresh, we prepare it from scratch everyday. We’re the fresh fish people,” she smiles.

And the Cooksisters agree.

We thoroughly enjoyed their tasty fish burger roll and calamari roll.

The next time you smaak ’n lekker parcel, you know where to go.

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