Learners turn sakkies into stylish handbags



November 9, 2016
Learners turn sakkies into stylish handbags

ITS IN THE BAG: Grant Davids, Joyan Balt, Hendrichia Damon and Desaree Tieties show it off

Grade 11 pupils have adopted a 'waste not' attitude when it comes to recycling plastic bags.

These schoolkids are turning trash into flash.

Grade 11 pupils Grant Davids, Desaree Tieties and Hendrichia Damon came up with the great idea of reusing old plastic sakkies, even broken ones, by crocheting stylish handbags with them.

They came up with the plan with the help of Grabouw businesswoman and artist Joyan Balt, appointed as their mentor for the Biggest Deal Competition currently being run by the Theewaterskloof Municipality.

“The idea was born out of pure logic. Everywhere you look you’ll see plastic bags lying around,” says Joyan.

Grant, Hendrichia and Desaree’s project kicked off on a low note when the Big Deal panel initially dissed their idea, saying they couldn’t make it a success in such a short time.

“But we decided to prove them wrong and worked extra hard to make it a success,” grins Hendrichia.

First they had to take a crash course in the art of crocheting.

While Grant’s mom and Hendrichia’s granny taught them to how to use the needle, Desaree turned to YouTube for help.

The teens admit they struggled at first but can now finish a bag within two days.

They use approximately 30 sakkies for a small bag and 50 for the bigger bags.

“We cut the plastic bags into strips which we then tie together to form plastic yarn called plarn, which we use to crochet the bags,” explains Grant.

TRANSFORM: Trash to flash

The learners also have to do their own marketing and have sold a number of bags, ranging from R150 to R170.

Joyan, who is also part of the initiative Grabouw Beautiful, says: “To make something from rubbish depends on how you see life. Through this we want to teach people to be more positive. And in the process we want to clean up our town.”

The positivity has already rubbed off on the dynamic trio.

“Even if we don’t win the competition, we are already winners because we have learned so much,” says Hendrichia.

The competition is open to all learners between the ages of 14 and 18 who live in the Theewaterskloof municipal area.

Each team has to complete six pre-determined tasks within three months and the winning team wins a big cash prize.

Visit their Facebook page, 3D-Crochet Plastic Bags, or go to www.biggestdeal.co.za.

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