Learners take ‘drug test’ protest to WCED



September 15, 2016
Learners take ‘drug test’ protest to WCED

Queen's Park High learners to issue memorandum

Two of the seven suspended learners were allowed back in class, sparking new racism allegations.

Learners at Queen’s Park High School in Woodstock will be handing over a memorandum of grievances to the Western Cape Education Department today, following a protest over the suspension of seven learners who tested positive for drugs at the school.

Learners downed pens on Tuesday, accusing the principal and the School Governing Body of favouritism and racism after two of the suspended learners, whose parents apparently serve on the SGB, were allowed back in class on Monday.

The disgruntled learners will hand over their memorandum to their WCED Circuit Manager at the school today.

Meanwhile, Education MEC spokesperson Jessica Shelver confirmed that the suspensions have been lifted and pupils are expected to return to school immediately, because the school did not 
follow due process.

“Our information is that learners from the school reportedly tested positive for drugs. The school did not follow due process when suspending the learners and as a result our circuit manager issued an instruction that all learners return to school immediately,” Shelver said.

According to WCED regulations, “The Principal or her/his delegate must within one working day, if practicable, inform the parent that a random test or search and seizure was done in respect of the learner and inform the learner and parents of the result of the test immediately after it becomes available.”

Shelver said the parents of the learners involved were not informed of the suspension.

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