[VIDEO] Housing protest turns violent in Langa



September 20, 2016
[VIDEO] Housing protest turns violent in Langa

Cops detain one of the protesters. CREDIT: Tshego Lepule

Stores were looted, a post office was torched and at least 18 people were arrested.

Protesters got up at the crack of dawn to ensure that their housing grievances were heard.

Residents blocked roads leading in and out of Langa at around 6am on Tuesday morning.

Angry residents, consisting mostly of backyarders, are protesting over the City’s allocation of housing in the area.

Violence broke out after protectors burnt the outside of the South African Post Office building in the area, stoned passing vehicles along Jakes Gerwel Drive and burnt Metrorail lines between Langa and Bontehewel causing major delays on the line.

Police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds who retaliated by throwing stones and empty beer bottles. 

Schools in the area remained closed due to protests in the area.

Department of Education Spokesperson, Jessica Shelver confirms the closures and says it was done with the safety of learners and educators in mind. An army of police are keeping a close eye on activities in the area.

The situation remains tense and by mid afternoon Mayoral Committee Member, JP Smith confirmed 18 people had been arrested for public violence.

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