Kung fu master jet Lee skops own gat



October 6, 2016
Kung fu master jet Lee skops own gat

FIGHT ON!: Catch Jet Lee in The One on e.tv at 8.30pm

Welcome to Thursday fight night sort of. From kung fu to boxing, e.tv is serving up some skop, skiet, en dônner action.

We kick off with martial arts legend Jet Lee in The One at 8.30pm. Yes, it’s another sci-fi fliek, which seems to be what e.tv is smaaking these days.

Anyway, Lee plays the role of Gabriel Yulaw, a former officer of the “Multiverse Authority”, they’re basically the police of inter-dimensional travel.

But now, Gabriel is hunting down versions of himself in alternate universes.

Each time he kills another variant of himself, he gets more powerful.

He believes that by eliminating all 124 other Gabriels he is going to become an immortal being, The One.

Then at 10.20pm we travel back in time to the legendary days of boxer Muhammed Ali, for King of the World.

The film looks at the early stages of the career of heavyweight boxer Ali, who was then still known as Cassius Clay.

After Clay won the gold medal for boxing in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, he challenges pro heavyweight boxing champ Sonny Liston for the title.

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