Kraaibak kid saves his kitty



May 4, 2016
Kraaibak kid saves his kitty

Joha Monk, 9, saves his cat. CREDIT: Solly Lottering

This laaitie has been hailed a hero after risking his own life to save this kitty.

The nine-year old from Summerville in Kraaifontein decided to play superhero after the verskrikte cat got stuck on a telephone pole for more than two hours and cried for help.

Johadaian “Joha” Monk didn’t think twice and scaled the pole like an acrobat, and even though the scared cat scratched him, he didn’t lose his nerve and managed to save the feline.

He says: “A dog had chased Kietsie and he went up the pole to get away.”

The cat was too scared to come down from the five metre pole high after that.

“I asked uncle Willie du Preez to keep the pole because it was shaky and I climbed up. It was very high, but the cat didn’t want to move, he kept scratching my hands, but I wanted to get him down before it was dark.

“I also had to keep my balance to stop me from falling.”

The boy says he waited for the kitty to relax it’s deathly grip on the pole before he quickly grabbed it and tossed it to the ground.

“He landed on his feet and ran away home to safety.”

Joha’s proud uncle Marco Monk, 31, says: “He is always so helpful, jy kan enige tyd op sy nommer druk. As for the cat, well they say they have nine lives, I guess he has eight more left.”

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