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December 1, 2016
Klopse cash kopseer

BIG ISSUE: Tweede Nuwe Jaar parade

CTMCA says they’re getting no city geld for nuwe jaar.

The City of Cape Town on Wednesday gave a breakdown of how the nearly R4 million it is donating to the Klopse this year is going to be spent.

But at least one minstrel association says it is going to dispute the budget because the City “hasn’t given us a cent”.

The Cape Town Minstrel Carnival Association (CTMCA) says it applied for funds for the Tweede Nuwe Jaar parade to take place on 7 January.

But instead R1.8 million has been allocated to the Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association to host the street march on 2 January. The CTMCA did not give a reason for the later date.

CTMCA’s lawyer Kashief Taliep says: “I spoke to Councillor (Eddie) Andrews and told him that we would be laying a formal complaint with the City of Cape Town.”

But Andrews, the City’s Tourism and Events Mayoral Committee Member, says hulle is te haastig and there was still time for them to get their permit, and funding.

He says there are two processes to apply for a permit and funding allocation.

“The Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association was granted the event permit and the funding allocation which are two separate processes and the Minstrel Carnival Association applied and could still get an event permit,” says Andrews.

“When considering the event applications, the date was also a deciding factor.”

“The City favoured 2 January 2017 for the Tweede Nuwe Jaar celebration, which is a public holiday. The date considered will ensure that essential City services, including Traffic Services, Metro Police and Law Enforcement, are available in numbers to assist the event organiser.”

The Councillor confirmed he is aware of their intention to file a dispute.

In total, the City is spending R3 480 000 on the Malay Choirs March, the Tweede Nuwe Jaar march, stadium competitions and choral competitions.

KKKA lawyer Muneeb Gambeno says they applied for the event permit and the funding.

On 22 November, Andrews released a statement confirming that R4 million has been set aside for “minstrel events”.

But Taliep says: “If you read that first statement it says the money is for minstrel events. We are now not receiving a cent, someone at the City needs to explain that.”

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