Klopse boss bust for assault



October 7, 2016
Klopse boss bust for assault

BUST: Richard Pot Stemmet

Richard Stemmet and seven other men allegedly attacked a father and son.

A well-known klopse boss has been arrested for allegedly moering a man with a lock and key in the face.

Pennsylvanians baas Richard “Pot” Stemmet spent Wednesday in a cell at the Lansdowne Police Station, after he and seven friends allegedly attacked a father and son with whips.

The 49-year-old father says Stemmet had a lock and lanyard wrapped around his hand.

“The key poked between his fingers and it scratched my face,” the man says.

The alleged incident took place outside Stemmet’s business, Hats for Africa, in Wetton, on Monday.

Adam Kamaar says he had gone to Stemmet to request documents for a Toyota Quantum van his son Umar had bought at Zoe’s Used Cars in Wetton Road.

They had been waiting for the transfer papers for three weeks, and the dealership said they could contact the previous owner, Stemmet’s son-in-law Marwaan Daniels, themselves.

Kamaar says they spoke to Daniels a number of times, before staff at Zoe’s said he could be found around the corner in Crete Street.

DISPUTE: Umar Kamaar’s van was owned by Pot’s son-in-law. CREDIT: Manqoba Nigidi

Kamaar says he was angry when he met Stemmet, and asked him “what kind of businessman” he was.

“He parked behind my car so we could not get out and immediately came at me and we verbally went at it. I told him all we want is the paperwork and he went nuts, my son jumped out of the car as Stemmet was aggressive from the beginning,” Kamaar claims.

Umar adds: “We were in salaah tops, we did not go there for a fight.”

Kamaar claims “a little truck with seven men” arrived, armed with whips. That’s when they were allegedly assaulted.

Afterwards, they reported the matter to police. However, Stemmet’s attorney John Riley says his client is the victim.

“Mr Stemmet went to the Lansdowne police station and was there told about the charges laid against him. He considered laying a charge, but has as yet not decided. My client has witnesses and video footage proving that Mr Kamaar and his son were the aggressors and came to attack him,” says Riley.

“They forced their way onto the business premises and attacked him continuously.”

Riley said his client had no visible injuries.

Kamaar said besides the cut on his cheek, his left shoulder was injured, while Umar had a bruise on his arm where he was allegedly struck with a sjambok.

SAPS spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirms Stemmet’s arrest.

“The suspect was arrested for assault common and appeared in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday,” says Rwexana.

When Daily Voice contacted Stemmet for comment, he said: “I don’t know what you are talking about, those people are telling lies.

Julle moet ophou glo wat elke Tom, Dick en Harry . “If you tell lies about me, I will take you on.”

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