Kim blames bling

Kim blames bling

REGRETS: Kim Kardashian

The reality star blames her constant social media updates for robbery.

Kim  Kardashian West is spyt for being so brekgat about her bling.

The reality star is reportedly blaming herself for being robbed at gunpoint in Paris this week.

The 35-year-old believes she attracted the attention of the skelms, who stole $10million in jewellery and took her precious diamond ring, by always flaunting herself on social media.

A source said: “Kim’s in shock and blaming herself. She’s tearing herself up that she Snapchatted the ring so much and wore it all the time. This incident is making her question everything. How she dresses, what she does.”

Hubby Kanye West is ready to move on and wants to buy Kim a new ring but she “doesn’t want to think about it” yet.

“He says he wants everything to go back to normal and for the incident to not affect their lives,” the source says.

The Kardashian family have reportedly also stopped filming season 13 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians indefinitely, despite the family signing a three-season contract that ends in 2018.

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