‘Killers’ bust in hospital



May 31, 2016
‘Killers’ bust in hospital

BEHIND BARS: Two suspects were arrested for murder. CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

Robbery victim points out two injured skelms.

A Nyanga man has told how he escaped death at the hands of a gang of robbers who killed his two friends.

In a bizarre twist, two of the skollies who were injured in the attack, were taken to hospital for stab wounds, where their victim pointed them out to cops and they were arrested.

Luxolo Mahamba, 30, and his buddies were waiting for his wife who was being dropped off by her staff transport when the gang of knife-wielding thugs attacked them.

The incident occurred at midnight on Saturday at the Kosovo informal settlement in Nyanga.

Luxolo says he tried to fight off the skollies with a knobkierie but there were too many, and his friend Mangaliso Peter Sotiya, 29, and cousin Mkhuseli Songezi, 24, were stabbed to death.

He says nothing was stolen from them.

Luxolo tells the Daily Voice Peter and Mkhuseli were only trying to help him protect his wife.

“They accompanied me because there is always a group of skollies standing by the corner robbing the transport my wife uses from work,” he explains.

“These boys were standing by the tap and while my cousin was on the phone, I left Peter alone to go and pee when I heard him shouting my name.

“I turned around and saw that a group of six men had surrounded Peter armed with knives.

“I ran towards him and noticed Mkhuseli was also under attack, I then grabbed a knobkierie and went for one of the guys to get them off. But everything was so chaotic and it all happened so quickly that before I knew it, both Mkhuseli and Peter had been stabbed.”

He says as they fought, four more skollies joined the fray.

“Peter ran off but fell in front of someone’s house and died there.”

Luxolo says he managed to get Mkhuseli to a Mitchells Plain hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

But he got another shock there.

“To my surprise, a few minutes later, two of the boys who had attacked us were brought into the hospital with injuries from the fight,” he says.

“I was able to point them out to police and they were arrested.”

Police confirmed the incident and the suspects are expected to appear in court soon.

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