‘Kidnapper’ gets no bail



October 12, 2016
‘Kidnapper’ gets no bail

SUSPECT: Godwin Capes, 24

The man accused of hiring henchmen to help him kidnap and beat his pregnant girlfriend will remain in jail.

Sighs of relief were heard in court when a man accused of kidnapping his unborn baby’s mother was denied bail.

Godwin Capes, 24, who faces charges of kidnapping and attempted murder, earlier abandoned his bail application but decided to make another bid for freedom in the Worcester Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The State, however, opposed bail on several grounds, including the seriousness of the crime and the victim’s injuries.

Capes, who is engaged to another woman, is accused of orchestrating the abduction and attack on his unborn baby’s mother Kayla Visser, 20, at the end of August after she allegedly refused to give in to his demands to have an abortion.

He allegedly drove Kayla to a deserted spot in Worcester where she was tied up, gagged and stuffed in a car’s boot by two other men.

The attack continued at another spot outside Robertson where they left her after she
pretended to be dead.

The badly injured woman then managed to crawl to a farm for help.

Capes was arrested soon after.

The baby has survived the attack but Kayla is living in fear.

A relative of Kayla says they are relieved that Capes will remain behind bars.

“Kayla still has panic attacks and is scared of the dark. She lives in fear because the other two attackers are still walking around freely,” the woman says.

Capes’ next court appearance is on October 28.

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