Kid killer gets life



October 18, 2016
Kid killer gets life

LIFE IMPRISONMENT: Bongani Dlamini, 34

Heartless murderer gives victim's family 'no closure'.

A man convicted of brutally murdering a five-year-old girl has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Child killer Bongani Dlamini was sentenced at the Western Cape High Court yesterday where Judge Ashley Binns-Ward slammed him for “having shown no remorse” for how he murdered and “cold-bloodedly” disposed of the body of little Anovuyo Ndamase.

Dlamini, 34, was last month convicted of killing Anovuyo but acquitted on charges of rape and kidnapping due to lack of evidence.

The naked body of Anovuyo was discovered stuffed in refuse bags in a dustbin near the accused’s home in Nkanini, Khayelitsha, in March 2015.

Throughout the trial Dlamini has denied killing Anovuyo, claiming that he only disposed of the body after it “mysteriously” showed up in his home.

But Judge Binns-Ward said evidence showed that he beat little Anovuyo to death by hitting her with a hammer on her head, shattering her tiny skull.

“Only the accused knows how Anovuyo came to be in his house at the time, he has chosen not to disclose those facts and has instead consistently professed his innocence in the face of overwhelming circumstantial evidence,” Ward explained.

“In consequence the child’s parents have been left to speculate and have been denied closure.

“The accused’s denialism cannot hide the fact that Anovuyo’s last minutes must have been extremely traumatic.

“She was brutally treated after she had been killed. The accused dealt with her body cold-bloodedly. His behaviour after the act was calculated and cynical. He even participated in a search for her.

“If he had any remorse he has chosen not to show it, which makes the family’s pain even worse, like a living death.”

GORY: Anovuyo’s naked body was found stuffed in refuse bags in Khayelitsha

Judge Binns-Ward said he found no evidence to persuade him to deviate from the maximum sentence.

The accused stood calmly looking at his hands clasped together in front of him, showing little emotion as he was sentenced.

Leave to appeal has also been denied.

Judge Binns-Ward added: “The sentence imposed is the maximum sentence in accordance with the law and in the face of the accused’s absolute absence of remorse and his behaviour towards the crime, I am of the view that no appellant court can come to another decision.”

Anovuyo’s parents were not at court, and did not respond to Daily Voice telephone queries.

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