KFC mash and grave



October 21, 2016
KFC mash and grave

LEFT FOR DEAD: Skelms abandon stolen hearse at a Worcester KFC

Diewe abandon hearse at restaurant to evade cops.

Streetwise car thieves who stole a hearse abandoned it in the drive-through of a KFC to escape cops.

The skelms parked the maroon Toyota Cressida station wagon next to the order window of the KFC outlet in Worcester and strolled away min gespin, according to witnesses.

Worcester police spokesperson Captain Lindikhaya Mkhontwana says they received reports of the stolen vehicle at 1.25pm on Tuesday and immediately started pursuing the car.

A source close to the investigation reveals that the stolen lykswa, with four suspects in it, drove recklessly and at high speed on the road between Worcester and Robertson.

“They almost crashed into an oncoming truck,” says the source.

He also confirmed that the car belongs to Valley Funerals in Worcester.

“Luckily there were no bodies were in the vehicle,” he adds.

The suspects managed to evade the cops and then got rid of the stolen vehicle in the drive-through lane of the local KFC.

The K9 Unit, who were also on patrol, tracked down the hearse.

“At the time the car was being chased in town, it had four men on board,” says Mkhontwana.

According to police sources, the men “calmly” walked away from the car and had split up before disappearing.

Mkhontwana says that the suspects are still at large.

“The vehicle had been taken into police custody for further investigation,” says Mkhontwana.

SAPS are investigating a case of motor vehicle theft.

Valley Funerals did not respond to Daily Voice queries by last night.

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