Keeping up with the Modern Boys

Keeping up with the Modern Boys

LARNEY: Main manne of the Modern Boys

Young nagtroep have been in the Top 8 four times since their inception in 2009.

On Friday evening past, Modern Boys Sporting Club held a very smart black and white Gala Dinner at The Venue in Lansdowne.

Long gone are the days where the Klopse and nagtroepe held functions with “waatlemoen en spanspek tafels”.

Though the enjoyment is still there and we never forget where we come from, we are now moving into upmarket territory.

The entertainment on the night was stunning. There was the top-class sounds of the Golden Strings, the ever entertaining Aziza Richards and Fuad Richards Jnr and the absolutely hilarious comedian “Tolla” who had the crowd in stitches.

As usual, Shahien van Nelson, aka Mr Personality, did a great job as MC — and it was overall a wonderful, chilled entertaining evening.

Though the Modern Boys are a young team — only established in 2009 — they have had a very successful run in the Cape Malay Choir Board.

For four out of their eight years they have been in the Top 8.

They have had some really good seasons and have racked up some great first prize sectional trophies such as 1st prize combine chorus, 1st prize comic song, 1st prize liedjie and the Burger trophy in 2013.

Like all Malay choirs they have their ups and their downs.

Tough economic times mean they lose members, but the love of the sport also means they gain more.

But through it all, they have a clear vision for the club. Modern Boys Sporting Club chairman Shahien Strachan says: “It is our goal to continue to not only grow in numbers, but also to grow and nurture our love for the culture of Malay Choir singing.

“With the little resources we have, we work extremely hard to keep the team going and to establish ourselves as a truly competitive team. Modern Boys do not want to be known as small fry.

To keep a team like this afloat is no small task. Modern Boys are constantly hosting fundraisers. They have a very committed executive of seven men and like many other teams, also have five dedicated women as part of their working committee. Though women do not take stage with Malay choirs, they are more and more becoming a vital part of the running of a nagtroep.

A characteristic of this team is definitely their discipline – and I think that this has much to do with their leader and president, Boeta Shahied Strachan.

As hy praat — dan luister almal! Shahied says: “Our foundation is one of dedication, determination, discipline and good moral values.

“We have a strict no drinking and no drugs policy – and that is something that we will not compromise on. We will also not allow unruliness in the team, on or off stage.

“We can get great enjoyment from this sport, without being disrespectful to others. And win or lose – we take it like the gentlemen we are.”

This year, the Modern Boys are supporting the Xtreme Minstrels and it is clear that they are enjoying themselves there. They have stunning ou jaars aand gear, they are practising hard – and though things are financially tough – they are looking forward to a great season.

Modern Boys will be having a Karaoke on 25 November at the Callies Hall in Noll Avenue. Cost is R50. Contact 076 233 5136.

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