Karabo to marry her second man



March 9, 2016
Karabo to marry her second man

IT’S MOROKA wedding madness today when Karabo will make history by marrying a second husband – her varsity sweetheart Zola.

Her hubby Tau might not love the idea of sharing his wife with another man, but he’s playing along to keep his hands on the Moroka family business, the sneaky etter.

But something about this marriage just doesn’t sit right, nuh – everyone is in it for their own selfish reasons, even Uncle Tebogo.

It’s kwaai that Zola, master party planner that he is, plans the whole thing without his wifey-to-be even knowing anything, and when she walks into her house today, she’s going to be surprised with a beautiful traditional ceremony.

Will this be a fairy tale wedding, or the start of a nightmare for the smiling newlyweds? Only time will tell.

Don’t miss it, Generations – The Legacy, 8pm on SABC1.

If you need a less traditional vibe, check out new sci-fi series Humans, 9pm on SABC3.


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