Karabo is on a warpath tonight

Karabo is on a warpath tonight

Karabo is scheming alweer in Generations. CREDIT: Sourced

Yoh, all these midweek off days and lekker long weekends make an ou lazy, nuh? If you sukkeled to get through your work day, I’ve got just the medicine: some kwaai local soaps to entertain you.

Let’s get started:

Karabo is a woman on a warpath and she ain’t stopping for no one, and no man.

After her second hubby Zola died in a car crash earlier this year, she knew she smelt a rat.

And now she’s ready to take action on Jack – the man she believes killed her hubby over a business deal gone wrong.

And today, her Uncle Tebogo is getting on her wrong side with all his talk about the family business and how k** it is doing.

But we know Karabo, and we know ons girl has something sneaky, and dark, up her sleeve.

Don’t miss Generations – The Legacy, SABC1 at 8pm.

Speaking of sneaky, Matshidiso is about to get a taste of her own medicine when Ndalamo and Nthabeleng start bombarding her about her fake education and degrees. Tune into Muvhango, 9pm on SABC2.

If you’re one of the many Fixer fans, then rather switch to SABC3 at 9pm for The Fixer.

This week Josie gets feisty with Fitz and tells him to put his naughty bits away.

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