JZ is not afraid of jail



November 7, 2016
JZ is not afraid of jail

President Jacob Zuma

Zuma tells supporters at KZN rally that he's spent time in jail and that it does not scare him.

President Jacob Zuma says he is not afraid of going to jail.

A confident Zuma was speaking to thousands of supporters in Dumbe in KwaZulu Natal at an ANC rally on Saturday.

His comments come in the wake of mounting calls for the National Prosecuting Authority to reinstate over 700 charges against him as well as impeachment

“We are not going to be intimidated even if it means I get arrested today‚ I am used to it. I have spent a lot of time in jail‚ you cannot threaten me with jail time. I am not scared of jail. I have been there,” said Zuma.

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