JZ cars ‘corrupt’



May 27, 2016
JZ cars ‘corrupt’

HIGH ROLLERS: Jacob Zumas wives. CREDIT: Sourced

AfriForum is taking on SAPS for spending R8M on Zuma's wives' cars.

AfriForum is taking on SAPS for buying larney vehicles worth millions of rands for President Jacob Zuma’s wives

The civil rights organisation filed a “misappropriation” complaint with the Public Protector against the cops yesterday.

AfriForum made the move after it “came to light that SAPS had spent R8.6 million from its budget on vehicles for Zuma’s five wives”.

Monique Taute, AfriForum’s National Campaign Coordinator, said: “We hope that the Public Protector will launch an in-depth investigation into this matter and then address possible irregularities with the necessary urgency”.

The presidential handbook says SAPS is responsible for the cost of the procurement, maintenance and running cost of motor vehicles for the use of ground transport for the President, Deputy President and spouses.

However, Taute said the continued purchasing of the kwaai karre has been possible because there are no cost limits.

“AfriForum views the misappropriation of taxpayers’ money as a national crisis and has already brought criminal charges against 13 provincial heads of department,” said Taute.

She encouraged the public to support AfriForum’s complaint “to put the necessary pressure on the Public Protector.”

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