Juvies rejuvie-nated

Juvies rejuvie-nated

STREET FEVER: Juvie Boys road march

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Sunday past was a scorcher!

Yet that didn’t stop the Juvie Boys from taking to the Cape Flats roads. Hot is as it was, their members and supporters came out in numbers and were ready to roll!

The Juvie Boys undoubtedly have an amazing public relations team and their social media campaign in support of their troupe has really taken off.

Ikraam van Witt, Juvie Boys’ PRO explains: “Sunday’s road march was part of the Juvie Boys’ five-year birthday celebrations.

“The theme for the road march was ‘Jou lippe moet rooi is!’

“This concept came about because everyone is forever talking about the troupe – and our name is therefore always on everybody’s lips.”

Ikraam is very thankful to the large number of people who came out to watch JBE perform.

“We covered areas like Lentegeur, Woodlands, Hanover Park, Athlone and Salt River.

“We did not go to Bo-Kaap out of respect for a decision taken by the Bo-Kaap Civic Association.

“All over, crowds were anxiously waiting to hear the sounds of the JBE band. Despite the few people who feel they underperformed on the day, or in certain areas, the majority feel that JBE has a fantastic beat and flavour and gave Cape Town a spectacular show.

“Our main objective of the day was reached. All our members and supporters thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the day ended peacefully and successfully.”

JBE has a large contingent of children who have real style and swag, and who really encompass the JBE spirit .

There are very few troupes who can boast about having those sort of large numbers out on a road march, in the extreme heat.

There was a great vibe on the day, but one has to add that the presence of the late Adiel Carr – with all his craziness and boundless energy – was missed at this Juvies road march.

Something also needs to be said about how bands sound on these road marches.

On any given road march day, bands have to perform by at least five different venues.

It is impossible for one band to maintain consistency throughout the day.

I have seen this with every troupe – and I have even come to know the troupes performance “hot spots”.

On Sunday when this band struck up in Hanover Park, I was not impressed at all. But when they got to the Pennsylvanian klopskamer in Wetton, they did a complete turnaround and were really rocking it!

So people who only catch a troupe or a band at one particular spot have to take this into consideration before passing negative comments on the OVERALL performance of the band.

The bottom line is that you can never please everyone – not in life and certainly not in this sport of Klopse.

As much as we enjoy these community road marches, it is unfortunate that we keep on seeing the same troupes performing.

Sadly, this has much to do with the huge cost of a road march.

Buses, food and logistics do not come cheap – and the smaller troupes simply cannot afford it.

I would encourage all bigger troupes to in the future perhaps look at partnering with a smaller troupe and have a joint community road march.

Stadium competition time these days are about trophies and who has the most money to spend on winning them – but since these road marches do not count for any points, let’s make it count for youth development and in the spirit of friendship and the love of Klopse.

Our Cape Town Culture ROCKS!

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