Justice for Lekita



September 21, 2016
Justice for Lekita

The ANC Provincial Chairperson Marius Fransman visits Lekita Moore's parents, Charl and Shireen, in Valhalla Park. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

Fransman and ANC dik dinge support family of slaughtered teen girl.

Marius Fransman yesterday visited the family of a 19-year-old girl who was brutally slaughtered in Valhalla Park last week.

The ANC Provincial Chairperson went to offer support to the family of Lekita Moore, whose mutilated body was found on a veldjie in Tuna Road.

Carrying a box of food and a blanket, Fransman was joined by several ANC Youth League members from Zone 8, Qhama Bongikhaya from Sanco, Mandisa Monakali from Ilitha Labantu and the Western Cape Leader of the Kai Korana, Chief Melvin Arendse.

“What has happened to Lekita is horrific and more than anything, we need the state, yes, but also community organisations and parents to stand together and fight for our children and their safety. Our youth need to be inspired to more and that can only be achieved with proper guidance,” says Fransman.

Kai Korana Chief Melvin Arendse added: “We need to have safety in our areas, we need the police in here doing their job. More children are dying today than 25 years ago fighting for our freedom. Justice will be done. We want justice for Lekita.”

Dad Charl Moore, 53, thanked Fransman for his support, saying the family had difficulty dealing with Lekita’s violent death.

She had been stabbed to death and parts of her genitals had been cut away.

“My heart cannot bear what has happened to her. We have been so traumatised, we only remembered it was my eldest daughter Mauricia’s 24th birthday late on Monday evening,” says the broken father.

Mom Shireen, 49, shook her head and clasped a sky-blue framed picture of Lekita.

“To see my baby die the way she did and the hurt she suffered, ek kannie (I’m not coping),” she sobbed, as Fransman comforted her.

Cameron Wilson, 19, has been arrested for Lekita’s death, and was charged with murder.

He is back in court on October 11 for a formal bail application.

According to the girl’s friends, they saw Wilson hit the teen “until she bled” at a karaoke party they were all attending the night before she was killed.

But Shireen claims there are more people involved.

“They were five who took her into one of the hokke (shacks) [and they killed her] and they cleaned the hok afterwards,” the mom cries, before shouting: “Bring die hangpaal terug (Bring back the hanging pole)!”

Her funeral is at the Sharon Church in Valhalla Park at 11am on Saturday, and a home viewing is from 9am in Louise Street.

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