Juju’s body mass action



May 20, 2016
Juju’s body mass action

NO FAT CAT: EFFs Julius Malema has shed kilos.

Secret to Malema’s drastic weight loss is his healthy wife.

Julius Malema is becoming a lightweight, and it’s all thanks to his wife.

The grootbek Economic Freedom Fighters leader is sporting a slimmer, healthier look these days, and according to a source, his beautiful wife, Mantwa Matlala, is behind Juju’s dramatic physical transformation.

The controversial politician was in the Kaap this week to discuss weighty matters with potential voters on the Cape Flats, but surprised everyone with his new physique, although his political policies remain the same.

Married life is apparently good for Malema in more than one way – since he tied the knot in 2014, he’s been shedding the vetrolletjies.

It’s not clear how much weight he’s lost so far, or how much he tipped the scales in 2014.

Party spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi also confirmed in other media reports that his commander in chief had made a personal choice to join a gym so that he can shape up and look good.

Numerous calls from the Daily Voice to Malema and the EFF top brass for comment on Wednesday went unanswered.

But according to a source, Juju’s sudden obsession with his lyf has more to do with keeping up with his sexy young wife.

“Did you see his wife? Did you see how young, slim and beautiful she is? He (Malema) is slimming down to match her,” an anonymous source told The Mercury on Wednesday.

“She cooks good, wholesome food and he is eating healthily now. Before, he used to live on takeaways and shisanyama.

“Those things are not good for you and make you fat.”

Malema, he said, had also been hitting the gym and shaping up.

But Juju’s shrinking image could be good for his political career.

“A person who is healthy will have more energy, feel stronger emotionally and physically and have a general sense of well-being, which will positively impact every aspect of his life,” Coyne Healthcare pharmacist and life coach Giulia Criscuolo told The Mercury.

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