Juju: JZ’s a sugardaddy



May 26, 2016
Juju: JZ’s a sugardaddy

REKS BEK: Julius Malema. CREDIT: Sourced

Malema reks bek about Zuma's wives' lavish lifestyles.

Julius Malema says President Jacob Zuma is a “blesser”.

The Economic Freedom Fighter was speaking to crowds at Umjindi in Mpumalanga as part of his nationwide campaign ahead of the local government elections.

He says: “Zuma‚ our president has become a blesser‚ he is blessing his wives.

“We can’t have a president who is a blesser.”

According to popular culture, a blesser is a person who financially supports women with gifts and shopping, as in a sugardaddy.

Malema said the president spent over R8 million on cars for his wives while the people of Umjindi lived in poverty.

Malema said future children would “urinate on Zuma’s grave” when he dies.

However, once the EFF is in power, they would end corruption in the province.

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