Judging a book by its Cover Girl



September 19, 2016
Judging a book by its Cover Girl

ROYALS: Second princess Zilan Ayoki Zhang, left, Queen Anastacia Khan, centre, and first princess Coco Chanel.

Queens dazzle in swimsuits and gowns

The search was on for the Miss Gay Cover Girl on Saturday and almal at the Colorado Hall in Mitchells Plain had their favourite.

There were 16 contestants who strutted their stuff on the stage, first in sexy bikinis and then evening wear.

The judges had a tough time choosing as all the drag queens went the extra mile to claim that crown.

Ultimately it was the hairstylist from Lavender Hill, Anastacia Khan, 31, who took the coveted sash and was crowned Miss Cover Girl 2016.

The 1st Princess Coco Chanel, from Mitchells Plain, was the crowd favourite but in the end it was a tight (drag) race.

Lauren Petersen and her tjommie Nicolene Draai had a lekker time and they didn’t really care who won.

“We’re here because we want to support the organiser and we come every year,” says Lauren.

For Neil Muller and his friends they were never going to say no to a jol, but he says: “We are here to support Emogen Moore.”

Everyone knew they were in for an entertaining evening when the featured artist Beyoncé from Hanover Park took to the stage and started singing Single Ladies.

The crowd went mad and when the contestants were changing into their evening wear, the dance floor opened up and mense took full advantage of the chance to bust out their moves.

The pageant finished a bietjie laat and the organisers had a tough time getting the mense to stop the party because they were all having such a good time.

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